The Holy Door to your Mind, Body and Soul 

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21 Day Ramadan Program 

Saturday, 9th of April ,2022

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What To Expect?

The Holy Door to your Mind, Body and Soul:

A 21 day holistic program to cleanse your body , fuel your soul, refresh your mind and a complete 21 day meal plan with healthy and wholesome iftar, Suhoor and dessert recipes to satisfy the whole family. This a program curated by Deena Fadel and Fayrouz Eid, we will have 3 webinars and 3 guided meditation sessions.

First webinar will be on 9th of April:

  • To  help you set your intentions for Ramadan, to connect to its true essence spiritually.

  • Fasting is beneficial for your body and soul. 

  • How to prepare Ramadan drinks in a healthier way and help you and your family to start clean eating.

  • How to truly indulge in the true meaning of Ramadan.

Guided Meditation session on Monday the 11th of April with Deena

  •  ism Allah - AL salaam 

Second Webinar on 13th of April

  • Prophetic wellness of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and how we can implement these wellness tips in our daily routines.  

Guided Meditation session on Monday the 18th of April with Deena. 

  • Ism Allah Al Razaaq 

Third Webinar will be on the 24th of April

  •  How to move forward after Ramadan.

  • Simple things we can change in our lifestyle. 

Guided Meditation session on Monday 25th of April with Deena.

  • Ism Allah  Al Hayy al Qayyum 

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What You Will Get

  • 21 Day  Clean Meal Plan (Iftar + Sohour+ Desserts+ Snacks)

  • Detailed Recipes with a wide range of options to fit the Entire Family's taste.

  • Detailed shopping list 

  • 21 Day access to Whatsapp Support Group led by Fayrouz Eid and WellB Team to answer all your daily questions and help motivate you along the way.

  • Clean Eating Guide

  • Ramadan setting intention exercises

  • Mindfulness practices 

  • Asmaa Allah live meditations 

  • Benefits of fasting guide

Start Date

Saturday, April 9th, 2022


650 EGP