The Well B Method

Detox Program:


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What To Expect?

  • Better energy 

  • Weight loss 

  • Clearer skin 

  • Better mood

  • Better Digestion

Anyone who is trying to attain a sustainable detoxing lifestyle. If you are not ready or don’t want to cut out animal protein this program is perfect for you. You can try this program to start changing your habits gradually with healthier options. 

Transitioning is critical for any change to be sustainable. If you’ve never been on a detoxing program before and have no problem cutting out caffeine and limiting animal protein, this is the one that you can start with.

This could also be the most sustainable program to maintain your eating habits while keeping your body on an ongoing detoxing system.

Who Is This Program Best Suited For?

This is the level where you’ll experience the biggest results for your skin, energy level, sleeping patterns, and where you’ll start losing weight. You’ll start noticing your moods are better, your nails and hair are stronger, your skin glowing, and your overall well being feeling full of ENERGY. 

What Are We Eliminating?
  • Dairy

  • Sugar

  • Processed Foods

  • Coffee

  • Animal protein (Limited)

Monday June 28th,2021

What You Will Get

  • 7 Day Access to  Detox Program

  • 7 Day Access to Meal Plan  (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner)

  • Detailed Recipes with a wide range of options to fit your personal taste in food.

  • Detailed shopping list 

  • 7 Day access to Library of videos by Fayrouz Eid to answer your questions and help keep you on track.

  • Community Support throughout your program

Start Date

Monday, June 28th, 2021


250 EGP