Frequently Asked Questions

What is The WellB Detoxing System?

There are many different types of detox programs, The WellB Detoxing System is a way to cleanse your body while still nourishing it with all that it needs.It's done in a way that you eventually are able to sustain this lifestyle.


The WellB Method will gradually help eliminate toxins from the body, provide the body with healthy nutrients, and give the body’s internal organs a rest.


This Detox Program helps to cure different ailments, such as:

  • Digestive issues

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Allergies

  • Bloating

  • Weight loss

  • Skin issues

  • Sleeping problems

  • Energy deficiency

  • Mind fogginess

  • Mood swings.


However, it is always advisable to consult with your doctor or physician before you decide to subscribe to The WellB Detox Program.

How Does the Wellb Detox Work?

By gradually eliminating the intake of certain foods, such as dairy, sugar, processed foods, and foods that are hard on the digestive system, we give the body the ability to recover and heal itself in order to better absorb nutrients in the future.


The WellB Detox Programs also gives you the opportunity to learn more about your body and what foods work best with it so that you are in control of your health and overall wellbeing.


On the contrary to what you might find online, detoxing with The WellB System makes sure you’re on a detox plan that does not deprive you of nutrients, energy, taste and satiation.

How Can I Make Sure the Program I’m Choosing Is Will Give Me the Results I Expect?

There are never 100% guaranteed results for a general nutrition program. We all have different bodies and experience everything differently; however, if you’re generally healthy and strictly following the guidelines this program gives amazing results.


That this is a general nutrition program… if you’re healthy and do not have any chronic diseases this program has proven to be effective.


This is why we suggest that before deciding to take the program, if you know you’re already facing specific ailments/disease, kindly consult with your physician or doctor in regards.

If you’ve never detoxed before, it is very normal that the body goes through unexpected changes, such as: experiencing headaches, nausea, skin breakouts, and bloating in the first couple of days.


It always gets worse before it gets better!

How to Get Ready for the WellB Detox Program?



Prepare your body. Start 2-3 days before by drinking more water.


Prepare your mind. Take it easy, we’re about to undo YEARS of toxins build up and that takes time.

Relaxation is very important to cleansing/detoxing as it allows you to reduce or eliminate stress.  Stress leads us to commit to so many unhealthy habits and unhealthy eating. we want you to know that this detox is not like being on a classic diet where you starve yourself to lose weight.

The goal from the WellB Detox Programs is to nourish you and feed you GOOD FOOD, change your approach to food and make sure you understand what fits your body type best, detox to eliminate inflammation in the body, and show you results from the inside out. Prepare to take control of your body and learn some life changing habits.


Some of the benefits you reap off of Detoxing/Cleansing are:

  • Better sleep

  • Sharper focus

  • Clearer skin

  • Stronger hair

  • Stronger nails

  • Mental clarity

  • Better mood

  • Weight loss


Prepare your food. Preparation is very important because it eliminates confusion and indecisiveness as to what you will eat/drink during the day of your cleanse.  

Prepare by going shopping for all of your cleanse appropriate foods as given by the Shopping list we prepared for you. 

By doing this, you’ll ensure to allow yourself to have adequate amounts of ME/DOWN time in your overall daily schedule. 


Budget Your Time. While on a cleanse, your body needs adequate amounts of sleep at night so that it can remove toxins. Know that the best time to stop eating is 3-4 hours before you sleep, because you want to give your digestive system a "rest" and not exert effort by digesting those late-night meals.


Choose a Friend. Accountability is really important! Getting better loves company, grab a friend to hold you accountable and start the detox plan together - this always helps when you can get past your struggles and celebrate your victories with someone, it also makes sure you commit with the plan till the end!

Why Do Detox Programs Cut Out Gluten and Dairy?

Not all programs call for completely cutting out gluten, unless you are gluten intolerant. As for dairy, you'll find that in nature, there are no species that drink milk after a certain age. Dairy is acidic and contributes to the corrosion of the body by increasing the inflammation and toxins levels.

How Should I Be Feeling While on a Detox? Should I Feel Crappy?

To make sure you start your detox journey on a good note and be able to commit with it making it become a lifestyle, you need to change your perspective about it and shift your mindset.

Being on a detox program means you eat more whole-foods, nutrients rich foods, and foods that are light to digest and rich in vitamins.

How Can I Purchase My 1st Program?

You just go to the program page you would like to purchase:

There just click on "Register Now" and it will take you to the payment page where you can safely purchase using your credit card quite easily.

When Do I Know I Need a Detox?

You know you definitely need a detox when you start feeling heavy in your body, notice digestive issues, start gaining weight, feel bloated, start noticing skin issues, when it’s harder to focus, when you get mood swings, and when you suffer from insomnia.


Notice that this detox system, does not help overcoming chronic or auto-immune diseases. If you’re facing any ailments/disease consult with your doctor before deciding to join any program.

What Happens to the Body While Detoxing?

It’s very normal to experience headaches, nausea, skin breakout, and bloating in the first couple of days. If you’ve never detoxed before, it’s normal that the body goes though unexpected changes.


It gets worse before it gets WAY BETTER!

What Absolutely Has to Be Cut Out to Be Serious About Detoxing? 

In order to be able to flush toxins out of the body, you’ll basically be consuming more natural and unprocessed foods. Within these programs, you’ll learn how to swap dairy and sugar with more nutritious and tasty alternatives.

Processed foods and saturated fats consumption will be gradually eliminated as you progress with your detox journey.


Click here to read more about the detox programs. 

Can I Be Put in Touch With Fayrouz for Consultation on Choosing the Right Program for Me or Ask Questions That Are Not Provided by FAQ’s?

At the moment, Fayrouz doesn’t offer one-on-one consultations; however, if you’re subscribed to any of the WellB Detoxing System, keep an eye out for the dates when Fayrouz will be providing Zoom Meetings and answering your specific questions.

Where Can I Find the Products to Use During the Detox Program?

Fruits and veggies can be bought from any supermarket or groceries shop.

As you buy from the shopping list provided with every program, make sure to always go for products that are unsalted, unsweetened, and unprocessed.

Always opt for foods that are the most basic and simple option available. Therefore, any supermarket that offers products with the above-mentioned specifications are a good destination.

Where Can I Buy the Program?

You can pay for the WellB Detox Program of your choice here.

Is There a Test I Can Take to Know Where to Start?

No there isn’t, you’re GOOD TO GO!!

As long as you’re not suffering from any chronic or auto-immune diseases, in which case you’ll need to consult with your doctor or physician before deciding to start.

What is Your Cancellation or Return Policy?

We know that you probably won't ever want to "return" or cancel our programs once you purchased. But we know that life happens and personal matters can get in the way.


So, if you ever find yourself unable to attend the program you purchased just send us an email at 


We'll discuss your case and can give you credit in our system that's valid for 3 months to be used for future program. 

Where Can I Pay for My Program?

You can pay for the Cleanse Detox Program here.