Fayrouz Eid

Well, hello there!


My name is Fayrouz Eid, a Nutritionist and a big believer in fresh starts and I’m happy you made it to the first step of YOUR  fresh start. 


First thing’s first, this is not a diet and it’s not a lifestyle. It’s you taking charge of your life and not having to worry about counting calories, stepping on a scale ever again, fitting in your favorite pair of jeans, or feeling guilty for indulging in your favorite piece of cake. 


By joining our Well B programs, you’ll awaken your own natural God given tools to really tune into your own body’s needs. 


You won’t find any tips or tricks to help you lose weight fast here, you’ll find long-lasting sustainable support to help you change your life for good and feel it from within while also seeing it on the outside. 


I know you’re bombarded with daily info about nutrition that you don’t know where to start. On your journey with us, we’ll filter out the noise and tell you only what’s important and beneficial to help you reach your goals. You’ll decide for yourself what your body needs to feel your BEST. 


Yes, your best. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes accountability and commitment from your side, and awareness and guidance from ours. 

We’re here to help you every step of the way.


I want you to know that there’s no limit to the amount of fresh starts you can have, my promise to you is that we’ll be better, we’ll be stronger, and we’ll be WELL,  are you ready? 


With all my heart,