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Well, Hello There!


My name is Fayrouz Eid, a Nutritionist and a big believer in fresh starts and I’m happy you made it to the first step of YOUR  fresh start. 


First thing’s first, this is not a diet and it’s not a lifestyle. It’s you taking charge of your life and not having to worry about counting calories, stepping on a scale ever again, fitting in your favorite pair of jeans, or feeling guilty for indulging in your favorite piece of cake. 


By joining our Well B programs, you’ll awaken your own natural God given tools to really tune into your own body’s needs. 


The Well B Method

Sustain Level

Saturday June,26th, 2021

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Level 1

This is your smoothest and most subtle entrance to the detoxing system.

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Level 2

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Level 3


Over 2,500 People Have Detoxed with Fayrouz...Here's What Some of Them Said

"For the benefits of the cleanse program, 
I definitely felt more energized and motivated to go through my day! My mood was much better, I felt light, and very proud of my myself each day that went by with all the busyness of it that I could squeeze in some time to prepare a nutritious meal 🥘 I also barely ever had to snack.

I was full all the time and by the time I felt hungry it was time for the next meal 😋 I really enjoyed it, thank you!💕"

Melody Ghobrial

review - mondana .jpeg

"This detox program is a really good way to get your system reprogrammed and take some items out of your diet to take on these amazing eating habits instead and continue forward.

It was a really wonderful program, I felt full the entire time and there was even days when I skipped meals cause I was significantly full…


At the beginning, I noticed some changes; my skin was breaking out – but they say that is normal cause it’s the body’s way of getting out the toxins and now my skin is actually in way better shape than it was to begin with and my nails are also really, really hard!

I just feel wonderful overall and I always have a huge amount of energy.


I highly recommend this detox program."

Mondana Motazedian

"This program changed my skin and nails. It also eased my digestion and helped me lose weight!

It's truly life changing."

Hend Badr ElDin


"Although I always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle, my sugar cravings always seemed to win!

So, when I signed up for this detox program, I didn't think I'll make it through a whole week of detox – especially since coffee is my go to hot drink. The program helped me to easily go without coffee for a whole week, which was a miracle for me. I also was absolutely amazed by how delicious and fulfilling the meals are; this helped me stick to the plan for the first time.

This program also introduced to me a whole new concept of healthy eating, a whole new lifestyle where I learned how to substitute all unhealthy options with healthy and tasty ones."

Heba Salah

"Feeling good about myself, loving myself more, losing some weight, changing lifestyle."

Farah ElDaour

farah eldaour.jpg

"Not only this Detox helped and educated me and the rest of participants on its benefits, but it also was a hell of a positive energy (boost)!! Which made the progressing with the program much easier.

This program gave me a natural energy boost, helped a lot with losing this sense of fogginess, easiness in digestion, clear skin and much much more...“

Moushira Ahmed

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